Amesia Rural Tourism

in Recent days, people interest in getting away from big cities for many reasons such as pandemics and noise, stress, and traffic, is growing larger every day. also, once more especially in big cities, it is becoming very difficult for people who seek calmness to find natural areas where they can be united with nature. Therefore, We have created our Amesia Rural Tourism brand because we believe that new alternative holiday opportunities should be offered to people who are seeking such opportunities. While we offer our visitors a quiet and enjoyable holiday here, we also aim for the producers who produce in the countryside to benefit from this work by presenting their products to our visitors. Thanks to the appreciation of our visitors for natural products such as milk and cheese produced by our producers, we always aim to present our products with the slogan “From Producer to Consumer”.


Our Mission

our mission is to provide alternative holiday opportunities for people who want to get away from the pressure and stress of big cities and to provide indirect profit to the producers living in the surrounding villages.

Our Vison

is to increase the quality of the services we offer by following the studies carried out within the scope of rural tourism in order to be able to reach a larger visitor capacity; Revitalizing the tourism activities in the Amasya region will also mean increasing the welfare in the countryside for our local people.

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