Dear interlocutors,
Amesia Food Industry and Trade Limited Company is a name and brand that was born from the efforts of our production partners, local farmer women living in the rural areas of the Middle Black Sea Region. through acting together with the Amasya Provincial Cattle Breeders’ Association to contribute to their families’ budgets by marketing the products they produce at the right value prices and with the right methods.
We believe in the importance of personal information in the technology and information age we are living in today. We have shared our Privacy Policy with all our valuable interlocutors on our website. and we commit ourselves, when necessary, to update our privacy policy and announce it to you here again.
Information on the Protection of Personal Data Law No. 6698
As Amesia Food Industry and Trade Limited Company, we would like to inform you about of Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) numbered 6698, which regulates the fundamental rights and freedoms of the persons concerned, in particular the privacy of private life and information, and the obligations for data processing of both individuals and institutions and the procedures and principles to be followed in the processing of the personal data shared by them.


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